The Adventure Concierge

I am a free-spirited adventuress who loves discovering this beautiful and varied world with all of my senses. I enjoy traversing untouched lands, uncovering new cultures, and tasting local specialties. My wanderlust-filled soul continually urges me to explore faraway destinations.

I’ve lived on the East and West coasts of the United States, and have ventured over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, studying food & wine in Italy, and working in the travel industry in Australia. My experiences living overseas have led to my professional career as a consultant at the wholesaler Swain Destinations where I specialize in customized travel to Africa, Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand, and the South Pacific Islands. It’s a privilege to share my knowledge and passion for the world & help make dreams come true.

We all crave a little adventure in our lives. For some, adventure means something hands on, like learning how to cook nasi goreng or weave a basket from an Indonesian local. Others long for something more extreme, such as skydiving over the Aussie coastline or canyoning in the New Zealand gorges.

I hope I inspire you to follow your bliss and say yes to your own idea of adventure.

xx Kathryn

Adventure awaits. Go find it.